Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel

Having first ‘Used & Abused’ this reel last year, I felt an update, after another year’s use, fitting because this robust Emblem Spod reel is still going strong.

It remains an absolute workhorse and has coped with significant use on both my spod and marker-rod setups. The big spool makes casting a doddle and the impressive retrieve also winding those long casts back a simple affair.

I wrote last time that I liked the twin line clips and the possibilities it opens up, but since then I have broken the clip off my marker and, truth be told, it’s made little difference, so perhaps it’s not that essential after all.

A year or more in my possession (granted, I don’t exactly fish three nights per week) and these are still performing brilliantly.

RRP: £125
Website: www.daiwasports.co.uk

Performance: 9/10
Value: 10/10
Great, reliable workhorse and very good value too