30plus 3.25lb Centium Dfx Rods

DFX stands for Distance Fishing Xtreme and these are recognised as great casting tools because they have a super-stiff action but feel as though they are forgiving enough to play fish in at close quarters.
These two-piece 12ft rods are available in 2.75lb, 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.75lb test curves and are packed with features such as Fuji reel seat, 50mm butt rings, anti-frap tip guide, which helps to eliminate crack-offs and a new 100-weave carbon core technology that concentrates the power into key areas when required. Finished off in an understated graphite colour and slim design, these look as good as they perform for the price bracket; they’re great casting rods. (DM)

Price: £149.99

Website: www.specimen30plus.com