Sonik's new Gizmo Swingbob bobbins

When it comes to bite indication, there is no one indicator that will serve as the perfect all-rounder. Sure, there are systems that perform better than others on average but to fully understand what it is going on in front you, you must be willing to adapt. The latest indication from Sonik is one such product that allows anglers to effortlessly swap in ever-changing angling situations.

The Gizmo Swingbob can be used as either a conventional bobbin or swing arm indicator, both of which promise to offer excellent bite indication in their own circumstances. When fishing semi-slack or slack lines, the bobbin opti-curve chain will prove to be extremely beneficial, while fishing in high winds or at extreme range with a tight line you may find the articulating swing arm to be the better choice. For perfect alignment of the swing arm, Sonik has included a keyed hockey fitting to please the perfectionists out there.

There are two sizes of Gizmo Swingbob to choose from, whether that be the Slim or Phat version. The Slim makes use of a 10mm acrylic body whereas the Phat uses 20mm. Both sizes are available in black, blue, green, orange, purple, red or white. Each option features a line-friendly grip clip, which offers captive grip on your line or a free running method. Should you wish to illuminate your bobbins for the hours of darkness, all bodies have an isotope for secure housing, and should you require your lines to be bowstring tight for when fishing at extreme range, the two additional weights will help aid your indication.

RRP - £14.99