Solar's new Lock and Load indicators!

A bite indicator is just a bite indicator right? Wrong! There are so many ways you can boost your indication to give yourself a clearer idea of what is going on out in front of you. With the right indicator, you can adjust the system depending on the situation and this is where the Lock & Load Indicators come into play. For many years, Solar Tackle has made premium indication systems and this all-new system is a product of development and innovation, with a little added customisation thrown into the mix.

Where this system particularly excels is that it can be used to fish small ponds to large inland seas and everything in between. It is inside the Lock & Load Heads where the magic happens! Inside the body itself, there are five slots in which you can place clever internal drags depending on the weight you require. Each respective weight weighs 1g and these can be easily removed or inserted by removing the top cap from the body. There is also a slot placed in the side of the body to accept an isotope should you wish for your indicators to be illuminated in the hours of darkness.

There are three different indicator kits to choose from including the Black, White PTFE and Stainless. The latter is the most premium of the three, and being constructed entirely from stainless a little more weight is offered, which is fantastic when fishing at long ranges. The Stainless variant comes complete with Solar’s Hanga Ball line clip, a stainless steel hockey stick and a stainless 5in chunky chain, whereas the Black and White PTFE come complete with a black 5in chain, a black anodised hockey stick and Solar’s micro adjustable line clip. What Solar does a really good job with is ensuring that all of its indicator accessories, past or present, are compatible with each other. But should you be looking for a little more customisation for your newly acquired indicators, you have the option to install the Lock & Load End Caps, which are available in a wide variety of colours. These include black, blue, green, Nite-Glo, red or stainless, and two end caps are included with every pack.

Solar Tackle Lock & Load Indicator

• Black Indicator Kit £24.99
• White PTFE Indicator Kit £24.99
• Stainless Indicator Kit £34.99
• Lock & Load End Caps TBC