Nash Scope GTL 8000 reels

With longevity and reliability in mind the Research and Development team at Nash construct the selection of Scope reels to the proven saltwater engineering specifications used for years. This ensures that not only do these reels perform on the bank the day you purchase them but will endure with the rigours of modern day carp fishing season after season.

The GTL 8000 model now brings the benefits of a long tapered casting spool to the proven Scope reel stable, ensuring that whether you pair this reel with a 9ft Scope or 13ft rod you can benefit from fishing at range, maximising your casts and helping you to attain those crucial extra yards.

Also complete with clinical slow oscillation, the GTL 8000 is fast becoming known as a distance tool, ensuring low friction line release aids in increasing your distances when fishing at range. As you would expect there is also a large line capacity – 0.31mm/680m to 0.40mm/400m – that is not only imperative when casting at range, but also makes this reel a great contender for anglers looking to undertake long range boat work!

With a fast front drag, just half a turn will see you go from free spool to fighting drag, and with waterproof sealed clutch complete with carbon washers, you are not only in control but it is smooth and dependable, crucial when playing fish at close quarters.

You can also expect to find rubber line guard strips to eliminate rotor tangles when boating baits out, a Dual propulsion line roller to reduce dreaded line twist and a line friendly casting clip; not only does this reel perform but these features help to protect and maintain your chosen main line in tiptop condition too.

Weighing in at 660g, the GTL 8000 boasts plenty of power with a line retrieve of 96cm per handle turn, and with a gear ratio of 4.3:1 and max drag power of 20kg it is safe to say this reel can cope with anything you can throw at it, both here in the UK and abroad.

It is undisputable that when Nash develops products, they certainly know how to make them look great! With a spring-loaded one-touch folding handle that boasts interchangeable black and wooden handle grips, discreet black branding and that tell-tale honeycomb spool, the GTL 8000 looks stylish and fit for purpose on all models of compact or more traditional rod lengths!