Nash Dwarf reels

It’s been a long time coming but now there are two brand new budget-friendly Freespool reels that have recently entered the Nash stable, which can be found within the popular Dwarf range. Should you be looking to replace or renew your current reels, the pair of Freespool options are well worthy of a consideration, especially during the current climate.

Despite being extremely affordable, these reels are of a very high quality. In the hand they feel solid and will inevitably be a reliable reel to use for many years to come. As mentioned, there are two sizes of Dwarf Freespool Reels to choose from, whether that be the 4000 sized reel or the larger 6000. Each reel boasts a number of features that you would not expect from a budget option but yet again Nash has pulled it out of the bag. Apart from the obvious larger body and spool sizes, the two main differences that separate the two are the line retrieval and line capacity.

With the Freespool 4000 you are able to retrieve 90 centimetres of line per turn of the reel handle and up to 300 metres of 0.33mm diameter line can be loaded on to spools, whereas with the Freespool 6000 you are able to retrieve 103 centimetres of line per turn of the reel handle, where an extra 100 metres of 0.33mm diameter line can be loaded on to spools. Also featured with each size is the fast drag adjustment, a one touch handle as well as a line friendly clip.

While these reels have been specifically designed to accommodate the Dwarf range of rods, the larger 6000 Freespool model can be nicely balanced with a 12ft rod. Five ball bearings ensure these reels are as smooth as butter, while the precise line lay ensures that peak casting performance is maintained. The Freespool function is the answer to many an angler’s request, on which the tension of the facility can be controlled on the rear of the reel dependant on the angling situation.

Should a big pit reel be more suited to your taste, the Dwarf Big Pit Compact shares many of the features as found on the Freespool reels but with the distinctive build of a quality big pit design. Of course being a compact version to suit the smaller rods that the reels are designed to be used with, this particular version of reel is ever so lightweight having removed the added bulk of Freespool. The overall aesthetics have a continuity about them between the three with a sleek matt black finish, minimalistic graphic detailing as well as an aluminium spool which further adds to weight saving.

As with the 6000 Freespool, the Big Pit Compact is able to hold up to 400 metres of 0.33mm diameter line and also benefits from the fast retrieve of 103 centimetres with every turn of the handle. Spare spools are available for all three on offer should you be a user of a variety of main lines. If you are looking for a real powerhouse of a reel, this little big pit is the favoured choice due to the 12kg of drag power it possesses. Even budget reels need some attention to cosmetics and the Dwarf line of reels are no different as they have each been treated to a dark wooden handle knob for sitting pretty while you wait.


Fast drag adjustment
One touch folding handle
Wooden handle knob
Sleek matt black finish
Line friendly clip
Anti-twist line roller
Spare spools available

Nash Dwarf Reels
Nash Dwarf Freespool 4000 - RRP £54.99
Nash Dwarf Freespool 6000 - RRP £59.99
Nash Dwarf Big Pit Compact - RRP £64.99