The finest rods on the market built completely in the UK! (Video)

When you hear the words Daiwa Basia, you know what to expect – style, class and unrivalled performance. Well the newest addition to the ever growing prestigious stable is very much that, a carp rod that sets the bar at extreme new heights. Designed and constructed right here in the UK, Daiwa has applied the very latest design and materials available, to bring to market what some are even calling “the best carp rod on the market today!” The X45X takes its name from the highly sophisticated carbon utilised in the extensive and meticulous construction process. X45X Full Shield is the next generation of Bias Carbon Technology developed by Daiwa’s expert engineers in Japan. The innovative composition of 45-degree bi-directional fibres can now be applied throughout the entire rod, increasing greater torque resistance and higher more efficient casting energy conversion ever seen on a carp rod.

The rod itself boasts Daiwa’s famous Magnum Taper; this already iconic mandrel profile gives the perfect balance of the ever important responsive tip, pivotal for playing fish and casting with accuracy but still ensures a powerful middle and lower part of the rod blank for increased casting power.

The X45X also boasts a High Volume Fibre known as HVF Nanoplus, which has been developed to reduce the volume of weighty resin that often creates heavy blanks. Although needed for strength, the brand new HVF Nanoplus is the addition of nano size reinforcing fibres throughout the resin that bond during the curing process to create an added bridge of strength – in a nutshell, think lighter but stronger!

Along the rod, you will be keen to notice the thin minimal ‘near skeletal’ guides; not only do these in our opinion look immense and streamlined, but the TDG guides are lighter in weight than traditional ceramic guides, and have a larger internal diameter that allows line to travel through them cleaner and faster than ever before. Casting is once again more efficient, increasing the yards on your cast, but these guides also offer a greater level of sensitivity and feel, keeping you in touch with every twist and turn of your quarry, but also when feeling the lead down on your cast. With a special adaman coating to boot, there is a greater level or protection on the guides, which is paramount as these can often get damaged in transit and on the bank, protruding from the blank.

Aesthetically, the Daiwa Basia X45X delivers on every point, from minimal discreet black branding along the blank, to the glorious Union Jack detailing and stylish Daiwa butt cap. The rod also benefits from a hard wearing Japanese shrink grip, and an Alps ARD Reel Seat that is machined from ultra-high grade corrosion resistant 61xx aluminium. The ripple drop pattern on the convex back provides an enhanced grip and feel, and completes the sleek and stylish looks.

There are six rods within the range, two 12ft models in either 3.25lb and 3.75lb, two 13ft lengths again in a 3.25lb and 3.75lb test curve as well as a 12ft 4.5lb spod rod, and 12ft 4.25lb marker rod. These rods have been designed to offer the carp angler the very best in performance and delivery. Yes a set of three rods and two application rods definitely sits on the higher end of many anglers’ budget, but if you want the best and want to stand out from the crowds in both looks and performance then quite simply there is no other choice!

RRP - FROM £575