Daiwa's Tournament Spod X45 rod!

Baiting accurately with consistency is not only determined by the right technique but you absolutely need the right kit too, especially when it comes to spodding at the extremes! The rod and reel you use to introduce bait makes all the difference, and the Daiwa Tournament Spod X45 Rod will make you quickly realise just how much performance you have been missing out on, whether that’s short range or long.

The release of this rod follows an extensive development and testing period, with some of the UK’s top anglers using it exclusively for competition fishing. Nothing will tell you more about a rod than depositing buckets of bait on a chosen mark, and for the several anglers who have owned and used this rod, they claim it to be the best they have ever used!

Now there is no disputing that this is indeed a pricey bit of kit, but for the higher than average price tag you will get a stunning work of art, design and technology. The Daiwa Tournament X45 Spod is available in 12ft and a dedicated 13ft version, all of which are made here in the UK. Both models boast a 5lb test curve, which means there is always enough power in the rod to cast at any range.

The X45 technology that is found in all of Daiwa’s high end rods will vastly reduce blank twist and has increased torque resistance, which means that energy is converted far more easily into the cast. The recovery of the rod also benefits, thus making your casting far more accurate. The blank itself contains far less resin and more high quality carbon, making it far more lightweight also.

Seaguide TDG guides are also lightweight and are found on both models with each being installed with 50mm butt guides. The larger internal diameter also means that main line can travel through the rings faster, allowing you to reach distances that you never thought were possible. The clever use of a Fuji DPS reel seat will not only enhance comfort for long durations, but the lack of grooves also makes cleaning a far easier task.

The Daiwa Tournament X45 Spod Rod is a joy to look at, and it is beautifully crafted, finished with an abbreviated Japanese shrink wrap handle. Minimalistic graphics allow the rod to do the talking and boy does it pull a spod! Pair this rod with Daiwa’s own Super Spod 45 SCW Reel and you will have an incredibly balanced setup that allow you to bait for hours on end with relative ease.

Daiwa Tournament X45 Spod Rod
• Available in 12ft and 13ft models
• Made in the UK • 5lb test curve
• Minimalistic graphics
• Abbreviated shrink wrap handle
• X45 technology
• High volume fibre
• Fuji DPS reel seat
• Seaguide TDG guides