CYGNET TACKLE | Easylift Weigh Staff V2

Weighing your prized catch accurately and of course safely is key and this new release from Cygnet Tackle is the perfect accessory to ensure you get an accurate recording time and time again, regardless of size.

Offering a new and improved design of the popular first version the Easylift Weigh Staff, the V2 model boasts a stronger 6ft one-piece handle complete with a large diameter ground spike, ensuring a sturdy and stable foundation when it comes to hoisting the carp above ground. Supplied with an EVA protector cap for the ground spike, once packed away the spike will remain covered, protecting your easily damaged items such as shelters, nets and retainer slings when packed alongside into rod holdalls or quiver.

A stainless-steel curved weigh hook provides a strong, durable purchase to attach your scales to minimising any slippage or wobble for increased weighing accuracy. Fitted with an ergonomic rippled EVA hand grip at the top, the staff can be lifted with confidence even when wet and in colder conditions without the worry of it slipping from your fingers. The weigh hook itself can also cleverly be removed for storage and is easily re-attached when needed to the sleek stainless steel laser-etched collar.

RRP: £49.99