We love these new products from CC Moore!

RRP £6.99

Tailored to complement each of the three CC Moore boilie ranges, these hook baits represent everything you’d want in a high attract, wafter hook bait! Available in either a sweetcorn yellow, pale pink or bright white, these hook baits work equally well as a single bright bait, in conjunction with a PVA bag or over masses of bait to provide a visual target for feeding fish to home in on your rig.

The semi-buoyant nature of the hoo kbaits and 10x14mm dumbell shape balances perfectly to negate any weight of your rig and ensure the bait is sucked right up into the carp’s mouth without hesitation. Tough in nature, the hook baits are designed to last over 24 hours while still continuing to leak attraction.

These hook baits are available in each of the three key boilie ranges. The Pacific Tuna hook baits are loaded with strong, meaty shellfish Pacific Tuna flavour, the Odyssey XXX has a distinct mussel flavour and Live System a delicious sweet and creamy aroma. Each pot contains 65 hook baits.

RRP £7.99

CC Moore’s Smoked Chorizo Oil is a game-changing fish attractant tailor-made for the warmer months of the year. This exclusive oil is a standout choice, infusing pellets and loose feeds with a silky, smoky meat essence that sets it apart from the competition. What truly makes this oil exceptional is its rich composition. Packed with energy and omega fish oils, it not only tantalises the taste buds but also offers a nutritional boost to the fish. The enticing smoked sausage flavour and aroma profile make it a top-tier option for bait soaking, hook bait enhancement or as an additive to your loose feed mixes.

A notable feature is its effectiveness as a surface bait coating, imparting a long-lasting, appetite-stimulating quality that takes your baits to the next level.

Smoked Chorizo Oil boasts a unique blend of essential oils, spices, and flavours, meticulously designed to create an irresistible allure. It caters to a wide range of fish species, including carp, roach, barbel and more. Furthermore, it’s versatile and user-friendly, being PVA-friendly. This liquid food enhances the overall appeal of your bait, making it an invaluable addition to your fishing arsenal.