Sonik Xti Lounger Chair And Bedchair

As a brand-new addition to the fast-growing XTI range, the Lounger Chair is comfortable, luxurious and feature packed.

As you can see in the photo, Dan Murrell is enjoying the host of features, including the high back, which boasts head support designed to provide the angler with maximum comfort when on the bank. The chair utilises an extra-thick foam mattress with fleece lining for the extra warmth needed on those cold misty mornings or as night begins to fall. The armrests are a great feature so you can really take the weight off, and with the addition of the covered protection it prevents your skin sitting against cold metal, which in cooler temperatures is just unbearable.

against cold metal, which in cooler temperatures is just unbearable. Yes it’s not the lightest chair on the market but a product of this quality isn’t trying to be; you can’t have luxurious comfort and expect it to pack up into nothing! That said, for the size of the chair it is lighter than you would imagine, but who still carries all their gear by hand? Each leg is fully adjustable and added mudfeet allow you maximum support.

Another new member of the XTI stable is the bedchair. Comfort,and practicality were attributes at the forefront of the R&D team who meticulously brought this to the market. Available in three sizes to suit each angler’s specific needs, it can be purchased in Standard, Wide and Compact, costing £169.99, £189.99 and £209.99 respectively. Each bedchair is built from black anodised aluminium frames providing strength yet reducing weight. Complete with a 5cm-deep foam mattress and extra lumbar support, you can maintain a low, flat profile with ample support for a better night’s sleep. A padded pillow area is another great little touch. A retaining strap is attached to ensure a compact fold down which concludes this pukka product. (DM)

£139.99 to £209.99


For the bedchair
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