SOLAR TACKLE | A1 Ground Pod

For a long time now Solar has been at the forefront of supplying the very best bankware, with its stainless steel being a fan favourite over the decades. In the modern day however, as materials and technologies have advanced we are able to obtain the likes of the all new A1 Ground Pod. Following Solar’s successful release of the A1 aluminium range in 2019, it has now taken things one step further with an ultra-stable, lightweight and low profile rod pod. Weighing in at just 1.5kg and supplied in a zipped carry bag, you are able to keep the main body, buzz bars and banksticks together in one place.

As is customary with Solar products it comes as no surprise that the quality of this rod support surpasses competitors’ products being sold at a similar price point. Instead of being constructed from plastic, which degrades over time, each block at either end of the body has been machined from anodised aluminium. This helps to further enhance the overall integrity and durability of the A1 Ground Pod. There are two versions to choose from with the option of 6in and 9in uprights or 4in and 6in uprights. Either is supplied with a pair of three rod buzz bars and these measure 12 inches and 13.5 inches respectively. It is also important to note that the main body of the pod is compatible with any of the banksticks found within Solar’s A1 range.

The great thing about a rod pod is their versatility at both home and abroad as they can be used in virtually any fishing situation and the A1 is no different. Whether you are fishing on a rocky substrate, wooden platforms or a boggy quagmire there is always a way to set the pod up for extreme stability. One of the most effective ways, especially when fishing on soft ground, is to extend the banksticks and push the sharp points into the ground safely securing your entire setup. Combined with the goal post buzz bar attachments this particular method proves to be ever so beneficial when fishing in weedy and snaggy situations.

There is no denying that the A1 Ground Pod is aesthetically pleasing with a premium black anodised coating being applied onto the aluminium, complementing the vast majority of setups in use today. While style is apparent, functionality is clearly a priority as can be seen in the anti-twist adjustable main bar as well as locking collar banksticks for adjustable height. Once finished with, the entire package will fit into all manner of rucksacks and carryalls with plenty of room for the remainder of your tackle.

RRP: £155.99