CYGNET TACKLE | Compact Pod Kit

Rod pods are an item of bankware that traditionally anglers simply either love or hate. Offering a strong, sturdy and level platform but in years gone by have often compromised on weight, size and actually erecting them on the bank, making them not always the easiest of solutions.

Cygnet is proud to introduce the brand new Compact Pod Kit, the complete kit variation of the also available Compact Pod. The full kit is supplied with Compact Pod, front and back Goalpost Buzz Bars, plus four 20/20 Banksticks in the supplied neoprene pouch – simply add butt rests and bite indication and you are set to go!

As the name suggests the entire Pod setup is indeed compact, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a small rod pod for smaller length rods, oh no. By utilising Cygnet’s new TPS (Telescopic Pole System) adjustment the Compact Pod has a minimal pack-down size, ideal for storage but in a user friendly design it literally grows before your eyes to accommodate your rods and secure your setup however you choose to use it. 

The unrivalled stability comes from the popular goalpost-style buzz bars that not only align and look the part but are fully adjustable to accommodate different sized buzz bars, and even varying length banksticks so can be easily tailored to suit your preferred setup on a wide array of carp fishing venues.

Simplicity and versatility spring to mind with the Compact Pod, making it suitable for a wide array of swims and fishing scenarios, thanks to its minimal stripped back design. It’s also extremely light – the pod is manufactured from a super-lightweight, matt black anodised aluminium that reduces unnecessary bulk, without compromising on strength or stability. Discreet branded no-loss thumbscrews are placed throughout the pod and on the four supplied banksticks to allow an easy to adjust setup while keeping the overall aesthetics of the pod minimal and sleek. Once packed down into the protective pouch the rod pod can be stored safely in your unhooking mat, rucksack or bag with ease.

RRP: £114.99