SHIMANO | Trench Barrow & Luggage Concept

This new concept and innovative design has had some considerable research and development from the Shimano team, and this barrow looks to eliminate many of the failings of what is already on the market.

The clever thought-provoking design really caters for many situations anglers will face and with mobility the key to successful angling, many of the systems available fall short for accessibility and speed when faced with a fish catching opportunity.

The stealthy nature of the Trench means that without unloading the barrow you can access all items on it, including rods, meaning for mobile anglers incorporating more fishing off the barrow into their angling becomes a new, more effective proposition.

The main innovation is how the barrow incorporates carrying the rest of the range, like the bags, buckets and mats.

These all fit perfectly in the bed of the barrow in numerous configurations, so you can mix and match what you carry to suit your angling. For the OCD tidy angler these barrows present the ultimate in organisation and enhanced access to any of the luggage range instantly.

The bags are fastened with a clever front and rear D ring applied to all the barrows, helping you to be able to attach smaller bags to it.

The many bags throughout the range offer a part-opening system that prevents accidental spillage but presents easy access to the items within for the angler.

A neat touch that shows the development and advancement of this product is the utilisation of the Aero Quiver System hooks that attach to the side bar fittings on the barrow, to connect longer rod, bivvy, shelter and net handle bags to the side frames of the barrow. This spreads weight more evenly and helps quick access to items.

Another great advancement of this barrow is the eradication of the bungee needed to strap down the load, which stops those near misses that so often nearly take your head off.

The balance of the barrow is another key feature and one that has come under close scrutiny during the design stages; with the pivot of barrows being the wheel, most heavy items are positioned over that – this barrow is designed to store the bedchair in front of this pivot point, reducing the weight in the hand and creating good balance while managing weight distribution.

This simple feature dramatically improves performance when pushing, helping it glide with relative ease, meaning less effort is exerted moving heavy loads on the many different terrains and distances covered during your angling.

The stability of the barrow is down to its low centre of gravity, making it much more user-friendly over steep slopes, reducing the possibility of it falling and breaking valuable kit, unlike many of its competitors on the market, while the width of is smaller than many single-wheel models.

If you are looking for a barrow that is well built and addresses many of the design flaws from the current market competitors, this would be a great addition to the mobile angler’s armoury in 2018.

RRP: £229.99

This carryall offers the angler a really compact and organised base unit for their tackle. The two internal zip mesh pockets help to store those bits that are easily lost, such as keys, permits etc.

The big internal pocket, which can be used to house the tackle box, is a neat little addition to this well thought out piece of kit, offering a quick access to important items.

The watertight weatherproofing added to the lid of the carryall helps to keep those essential items dry.

This compact system is designed perfectly to work with the Trench barrow system and is competitively priced for such a well-made luggage item.

RRP: £74.99

Taking care of your expensive camera kit is paramount and this bag offers plenty of improvements on the current crop available.

The first key point that makes this bag stand out are the 12 elasticated loops incorporated to safeguard those lenses and flashes from damage while in transit.

The two internal pockets can be used for storage of remotes, SD cards, batteries and small items. The watertight lid with compression strap helps with storage of the tripod. The extreme internal padding really rounds off a great, well thought out bag.

RRP: £69.99

These rod bags offer some ingenious tweaks to an item many of us find essential for our angling needs.

The multi rod bags utilise the Aero quiver system, allowing further rod sleeves to be attached and the whole lot to be clipped on to the side bars of the barrow system, while the main zip of the rod bag being on the topside away from the reel line when in the bag is a great modification.

The heavy duty durable base helps to protect against damage to the rods. The two external zipped pockets offer numerous possibilities for storing items; the main one being the net and lead pocket, which is also waterproof, and the smaller pocket would be ideal for a Spomb/spod or reel spool.

RRP: £89.99-99.99

These bags have a multitude of uses and can offer storage for wet kit at the end of the session. They are designed to house the recovery sling or the net and pole as they incorporate the watertight welded design, and also have external housings for marker sticks or storm poles.

RRP: £34.99

Somewhere to store all those items safely and securely in transit and once again a well thought out item for the job.

The three different options – two, three and four-rod – have external stick storage and clear receiver pocket, along with zipped pockets within for the bobbins, snag ears etc.

The securing Velcro within stops the alarms and buzz bars rattling in transit, with the extreme padding help to finish off this item, offering great protection.

RRP: £29.99-39.99

The food bag has been designed for the modern angler, with many of the features geared towards longer stays on the bank, the first being the thermal centre compartment keeping things cold for longer.

The wipe-clean internal lining helps for storing the pans and plates after a session. The cutlery pocket incorporates housing of enough utensils for two people.