Prologic Element Com-Pact Alarms!

COM-PACT by name and compact by nature, the all new alarms from Prologic are a technological marvel in a compact body! Not only is the styling of the heads and receiver extremely modernised but you can literally fit three of these alarms in one hand with room to spare. Yet it is what is found inside each unit that is staggering, and one of the most prominent features are the high quality Li-On batteries that each alarm is equipped with. Prologic claims that the battery can supply approximately one week’s worth of fishing but should you run out of charge, there is absolutely no need to panic! This is because you are able to charge the alarms in situ whilst fishing with the aid of the extra-long charging cables and a power source. What is even better is that you will have plenty of prior warning as the alarm is programmed to issue a low battery warning.

Other features of the COM-PACT alarms include a 2.5mm socket for illuminated hangers and swingers, which are perfect for locating your setup in the middle of the night. A multi-colour LED on each alarm provides customisation for every user, as your setup obviously needs to look on point! There is also a wide range of sensitivity levels, six to be precise, as well as six volume and tone options. These can be easily adjusted on the face of each alarm. Drop-back tone differential allows the angler to understand exactly what is going on out in the pond, whilst a IP66 dust and waterproof rating ensures the durability of each and every unit. You can purchase each individual alarm separately, or for a more cost effective option you can purchase a set of alarms, which includes a receiver.

The Element COM-PACT wireless receiver has a range of up to 100 metres depending on the terrain, and can be programmed to a total of four alarms. Just like the alarms, this too utilises the same high performance battery technology, has low battery consumption capabilities and is also IP66 dust and waterproof rated. A vibration option triggers when one of your alarms sounds but there is also a really handy flashlight LED that aids locating all manner of things in the darkness. For the given price tag, these Prologic alarms really do pack some tech!

Prologic Element COM-PACT Alarms
• Alarm £69.99
• Receiver £69.99
• 2 Alarms & Receiver £169.99
• 3 Alarms & Receiver £199.99
• 4 Alarms & Receiver £249.99