November issue of Total Carp is now on sale!

This month’s mag is another feature-packed issue, headlined by the one and only Mark Holmes, whose run of big carp has to be seen to be believed! We even managed to meet up briefly with him on the bank, where he caught not one but two 40-pounders for the cameras! Then by the time we’d got home, he’d added a third to his list that session – quite remarkable really!

As always we’ve a solid stamp of big names with the likes of Ian Russell with his Troubleshooter, Oz Holness sharing big-pit tales, Dave Lane’s diary, Elliott Gray, Oli Davies… the list goes on! As well as all these regulars we’ve also got Mike Holly sharing his Eureka Moments, Jacob Worth takes on the Total Carp 24-Hour Challenge and Paul Weller talks about Walthamstow and fishing on minimal time! They’re all great reads, full of tips and inspiration for the coming month.

On a final note, Christmas is around the corner and will be here before we know it. The build-up seems to start earlier and earlier every year, so why not be prepared this time around and make sure you get what you really want! We’ve included a FREE 32-page Christmas gear guide in case you need some additional inspiration, outlining some of our favourite tackle from ’23!

November Top Picks

Mike Holly shares six of his biggest game changers ranging from seemingly small technical tweaks to full blown angling ideologies! Find out how these influenced his fishing, and possibly yours too!

Walthamstow presents its own challenges; with predominantly day-only fishing, time is of the essence. Paul Weller provides an insight into his fishing on the complex and how to maximise your time.

We set Jacob Worth the challenge of catching a carp for the cameras from Booney’s lake on the Manor Farm Lakes complex. It’s safe to say he produces the goods, but is a big’un on the cards?

In the latest instalment of Mark Holmes’ Big Carp Mindset, Mark talks catching numbers of carp versus catching big carp. He reveals the simple changes he made to start catching the big girls!

It’s the Crafty Catcher North VS South head-to-head, as Ian Hirst and Andrew Rushton have a fish-off to see who’s the better angler. See how they got on and who was ultimately victorious!

This month, Oz Holness reflects on quite possibly his biggest adventure to date – a four-year quest in search of the mighty Burghfield Common! Follow his journey on this big pit…