Nash Titan Hide

Nash Titan Hide & Hide XL

The unique design of the renowned Nash Titan provides the perfect basis for some of the most effective shelters ever to be released on to the market. The Nash Titan Hide Shelters cater for every angler, whether they fish short or long sessions, at both home and abroad. No matter which pattern you choose, each and every bivvy system can be erected incredibly fast, in under a minute to be precise! Setting up before dark or during questionable weather conditions has never been easier.

The most barebones shelter in the range is the standard Titan Hide, where there has been plenty of emphasis placed to strip out inessential features to prioritise mobility. Weighing in at just 4.6kg, this lightweight shelter is great for day sessions and longer stays alike. Savings in weight are achieved by using a 5000mm Hydrostatic Head material with taped seams throughout. There are also no mesh panels for improved airflow during the warmer months, although Nash is still intent on including the use of the optional vapour shield, which helps considerably with condensation drip.

A flat back on the rear of the shelter accommodates a vast array of bedchairs that can be pushed as far back as possible, therefore providing plenty of space in front. Twin Velcro rod straps are also included to prevent any accidents in the process of rigging back up. The five leg shelter, supported by an ultra-durable centre block, is supplied with its own carry bag and pegs.

Virtually identical in every way bar a number of small changes is the Nash Titan Hide XL. The extra 1.6kg of weight makes for a total of 6.2kg, which is justified by the increase of internal floor space as well as the increase of vertical spacing for a total height of 152cm, compared to 132cm for the standard Hide. Both the Titan Hide and Hide XL are only available in green.

Nash Titan Hide Pro & Hide Pro XL

The Titan Hide Pro and Titan Hide Pro XL are purchasable in either green or camo, depending on personal preference. The Pro versions of the Hide do command a higher ticket price but for the anglers who want the very best, you will not be disappointed. Almost every little detail has seen an upgrade, including that of the centre block, all the way to the minute details such as the rod straps which are magnetic instead of Velcro. The base design however, has not changed, in fact there is absolutely no need to!

Because of the increase in quality of materials, the Hide Pro Bivvy weighs 6.5kg and comes supplied with its very own carry bag, which is most spacious, thus making the process of packing away so much easier. The bag also features tension straps and meshed vents at either end, allowing wet shelters to breathe until they can be dried fully at home. A small packdown length of just 1.14m also means the shelter sits fantastically on a barrow, yet can equally be shoulder carried with no issues.

Unlike the standard Hide, the Pro versions feature an angular front peak that prevents rain from dripping on the face of the bivvy. Instead, excess water is forced to either side of the shelter via the guttering system with the additional benefit of no pooling. The use of a 10,000mm Hydrostatic Head material for construction throughout sees the reduction of light entering into the system, while also ensuring that the bivvy is as durable as it can possibly be. Each Pro shelter also sees the generous inclusion of a number of zipped mesh panels throughout, thus enhancing breathability for a more comfortable experience when fishing during hot conditions.

The Titan Hide Pro XL is very similar to the standard offerings, as the internal footprint is only marginally enlarged, whereas the most significant difference is found in the increase of head height with an extra 30cm. Considered to be the perfect choice for the taller angler, the Hide Pro XL also allows for a far better view of the lake without the need to crouch down while also making the process of entering and leaving the bivvy so much easier. The larger shelter of the two also lends itself for those who use a larger bedchair.

Each and every shelter in the Hide range can be further enhanced through the separate purchase of a dedicated groundsheet, which can be pegged into place, as well as the option to add a solid or meshed infill. It is also possible to add storm poles to further increase sturdiness for the most demanding of conditions, however for the majority of the time these would not be needed.

Nash Tackle Titan Hide Shelter Features;

• Five leg fast erect design
• High strength centre block
• Rod retaining straps
• Supplied with carry bag and pegs
• Flat back for efficient use of internal space
• Condensation-preventing vapour shield
• Super-sturdy construction

Titan Hide £249.99
Titan Hide XL £279.99
Titan Hide Pro £319.99
Titan Hide Pro Camo £379.99
Titan Hide Pro XL £379.99
Titan Hide Pro XL Camo £429.99