KODEX | Karpmate Guest Chair (Video)

The name “guest chair” gives this a secondary feel to your essential list, but by no means is this item a secondary one. Featuring a padded seat, sturdy fixed back support tipped with peach-skin soft pad and tough waterproof material detailed in carpy green shades, this chair has been designed with both comfort and bank appeal in mind.

Unlike most smaller chairs the front legs also fix into place, so should you pick up the chair or rock back to reach for that tackle pouch that is every so slightly out of reach, the chair legs won’t swing out of position and collapse, making you look very silly scrambling up off the deck.

Fitted to the base of the legs are two large mudfeet, which ensure you can level out the chair while on the bank; whether in muddy, marshy or uneven ground conditions you can trust you won’t sink into the softness.

The ability to deliver comfort doesn’t stop there, with a lower rear leg single bar system that’s fixed using two cogs, allowing the legs to be moved to create different reclining seated positions that fit all your personal comfort requirements. The cogs system also allows the rear leg to move into a horizontal position in which the chair converts rapidly into an overbed chair. This is ideal either for when the weather moves in or you like to create that ‘home from home’ lounge feel, and saves you from the severe backache we have all experienced.

The chair weighs approximately 3.8kg and is extremely versatile. Folding down remarkably small, which allows for easy transportation, storage within the bivvy or allows for easy carrying to the next swim for a social.

Being lightweight, don’t let this chair fool you; made from the toughest of fabric and framework materials it has been tested to carry up to 18 stone, which is remarkable for such a light frame.

In the market for a good all-rounder chair? This one is well worth a look!

RRP: £59.99
WEBSITE: www.kodextackle.com

To find out more about the Karpmate Guest Chair, watch the video below.