GARDNER TACKLE | Specialist Sharpened Hooks

Lots of anglers now choose to sharpen their hooks, which is made easier with the tools now readily available to all of us helping improve already sharp hooks straight from the packet. Doubting the effectiveness of a sharp hook would be totally foolish and sharpening has been a technique some anglers have used for decades, although it was an edge many kept close to their chests.

Jason Hayward has perfected his technique, so much so that there are very few out there who can rival his ability to refine a hook point. As a result Gardner Tackle is now working closely with Jason to make a small selection of hooks available that have been sharpened by the man himself.

The patterns and sizes of hook include the Covert Dark Chod Hook in sizes 5 and 6, Continental Mugga in 2, 4 and 6 and Mugga Hooks in sizes 4 and 6, all of which are only available in a barbed option.

While the cost of each packet may appear to be pricey, it is actually very little when compared to other items of tackle and bait we all spend plenty of money on, and yet it is the hook that is critical in helping to land the carp of our dreams.

The logic is very simple; the sharper the hook, the higher chance it has to prick and the Specialist Sharpened Hooks will penetrate the hardest of carp mouths. Having been lovingly sharpened by Jason himself, each hook is supplied with a rubber cap to prevent any damage in transit.

RRP: £8.50