It is fair to say that what some thought started as a simple craze among specialist big carp anglers has certainly turned into a constant and definite edge for all who use it. Hook sharpening was once whispered by few and is now seen as the norm when looking to fool the often described “wary” carp.

The latest sharpening device to hit the market is the Hook Stone from reputable tackle manufacture Gardner Tackle. Constructed in Sweden and with glowing reviews it produces ridiculously sharp results, even in our untrained hands.

The device itself is a clever combination of a durable and extremely strong solid steel handle, perfect for when a tight grip is required, with two flat-faced diamond encrusted (yes, that’s right, diamond!) abrasive surfaces measuring 2cm wide by 7.5cm long, long enough for precise and thorough hook sharpening strokes.

Cleverly, both sides of the stone are constructed utilising two separate grades, 30 microns (fine grade) on the front for light finishing touches and really honing that needle sharp point, and a heavier duty 60 microns (medium grade) on the back for when the hooks need a little more TLC to get them into shape.

Utilising durable and tough materials results in a long lasting product, and Gardner states: “A few members of the team, including big-fish angler Lewis Read, have been using their devices for a decade! The honing surfaces remain flat throughout the lifetime of the Hook Stone, ensuring the product remains effective for longer.”

Ten years for £29.99, now that’s incredible value for money!

RRP: £29.99