Avid Carp Benchmark Bedchair

This bedchair is easily as comfortable as all my previous bedchairs and I would go as far as saying perhaps even comfier, thanks to the memory foam mattress

My only criticism is that it can get a little too warm for my liking in hot stuffy conditions, but at the end of the day what bed doesn’t?

I love the fact that it is symmetrical, meaning I can sleep with my head at either end with no problem and the oversized mattress actually allows me to use the whole of the bed instead of being confined to the inside of the frame.
This also prevents my elbows banging on the bars and makes for a comfy seat when you perch on the side. looking out over the lake or tying rigs and what not.
The completely flat profile makes for a sound night’s sleep; it not only feels better but has done wonders for my posture, although I do now have to carry a pillow, but that’s no real hardship.  (DM)