Zig Beasts from Kodex!

It’s no argument that zigs are one of the best methods for catching carp, using a piece of foam to imitate a natural food source for the carp. Not only that, carp don’t spend all their time swimming around on the deck. With a zig you can target the layer of water that the carp frequent, rather than be pinned to the bottom and missing out on bites.

The Kodex Zig Beasts are all you would expect from a zig and more. The kit comes with a range of different coloured foam alongside some different coloured toppers that imitate small bugs in the water. In the pack you also get hair stems and hooks, and it’s super-easy to set up. All you need to do is tie on a hook to some zig line, slide on a hair stem to the hook and then place on your foam and topper. There are no baiting needles or hair stops required. Everything is made for ease of use which also allows you to change the colour of the foam super-quickly. The kit comes with either micro barbed or barbless size 10 hooks so you have a choice.

If you aren’t interested in tying up your own zigs, Kodex also makes ready tied zig beasts. You get three zigs pre-tied up on to 10 feet of 12.9lb line. Now, a 10ft zig isn’t always needed, but a neat little feature here is that the line indicates different lengths via small stickers. If you wanted to fish a 6ft zig, you quite simply look for the marker at that length, cut the line and re-tie a loop to attach to your main line. You get three ready tied rigs in a pack with three pieces of different coloured foam and six different toppers.

The Zig Beasts are worth a try for anglers who want to up their zig game by adding some extra attraction and even anglers who aren’t overly confident in using zigs. The speed and simplicity of use adds confidence when setting them up, the versatility gives you that extra edge when setting the trap and they don’t cost a great deal at all. The ready tied zigs come in at £7.50 and the Zig Beasts kit comes in at £7.99. So, if you’re looking at changing up your zig game, these are worth a look.

RRP-£7.50 TO £7.99