Venue Files - Hacche Moore

The smallest lake on site is the rather intimate and charming Jake’s Lake at 1.25 acres in size. Run on a lake exclusive premise, this is the perfect venue for the angler wanting an entire lake to themselves or to book that all-important social with your angling friends!

Fairly oval in design, this venue boasts five swims, including two doubles with a maximum of three anglers at any one time. There are five swims in total, including two double swims. There is also a lodge behind the first double swim, which is perfect for the angler not wanting to bring their own shelter, whilst still having a great vantage point of the entire lake.

Jake’s Lake is home to 60 carp, a fine mix of both mirror, common carp and leathers with over 35 fish going over 20lb, and several specimens now well over the 30lb mark to 33lb. These are fast growing young fish and baiting with a good quality freezer bait and pellets certainly entices the carp to feed; however, these fish are just as wary as the residents in the other lake, so take care to be as stealthy as possible.

Ticket Prices: Three Rods, 48 hours for three anglers £190

Top Tip: Keep quiet and try the washing line method.