Venue files - Bells Mill

The stunning spring-fed carp pool has been created on previously waterlogged pastureland and stocked with approximately 100 high-quality carp, sourced from a number of the most well respected fish farms across the UK. Included in the stock are seven known 30lb-plus fish with the majority of the remaining stock ranging from high doubles upwards, with at least half now in the 20lb-plus bracket.

The Carp Pool has eight swims spanning two and a half acres of water, one of which has excellent wheelchair access and parking close by. Predominantly a hard clay bottom, depths range from four to 12 feet with underwater plateaus and deep holes to be found throughout the lake. With light weed in the summer months, two islands, several overhanging trees and some lovely margins that the fish love to patrol, there is an abundance of features to fish to in every swim.

Despite living in a relatively small lake these fish are no pushover and you’ll need to angle at the best of your ability to outwit the wary leviathans; the most consistent tactics include stalking in the edge and setting small traps for one bite at a time. During the summer months the Bells Mill residents love a floater and multiple surface captures are not uncommon for the experienced angler.

Ticket Prices: 23.5-hour ticket, three rods £35 Top Tip: These fish do show themselves and a bit of stealth goes a long way.