Total Bait: Feb '11

We review some of the best carp catchers that money can buy.

Gulp! Squid Liver Boilies
Description: Shelf-life boilies that are packed with natural ingredients and soluble attractants. They have a unique smell and should catch you carp throughout the year. Squid flavours and liver extract give these boilies their unique taste and smell. They are available in a 1kg bag or a 3kg bucket.
RRP: 3kg bucket £27.99
Contact: Berkley on 01527 405410

N-Gage XP Boilies
Description: The N-Gage XP contains an array of the most effective fish attractors available. Carp find the bait easy to digest, so they’re ready to eat more of it much quicker than other baits. The results were staggering during field testing and a number of well-known, rarely caught fish were banked in a short space of time. The range boasts boilies and a variety of hook baits, including cork-ball
pop-ups and hardened hook baits.
RRP: From £4.99
Contact: 01963 362234

Critical Maize
Description: Anchor Tackle’s Critical Maize can be used to create buoyant bait, or with a boilie hook bait to add a fleck of colour. The maize works well when fished over beds of hemp and corn. It’s durable and will stay on the hair indefinitely.
RRP: £1.99
Contact: Anchor Tackle on 01985 840765

Chilli Hemp
Description: This PVA-friendly hemp is ready to use straight from the bucket. It contains high levels of chilli, which is sure to get the carp grubbing around in your swim. It works superbly when used inside tiny PVA bags, especially if the carp you’re targeting are heavily pressured.
RRP: £3.99
Contact: Baitzone on 07742 348626