NUTRABAITS | White Alternative Hook Baits

Nutrabaits is a long-serving bait company whose bait has managed to outwit some of the most pressured and prized carp not only in Britain but across the globe. A sign of a top tier bait producer is the limited options of freezer and shelf-life bait, which confirms that all efforts have been put into developing and creating the very best food source possible

In the Nutrabaits freezer bait range there are three baits that have stood the test of time, which many specimen anglers place their faith in. These are the BFM Krill & Cranberry, Trigga and Trigga Ice. It has come to the attention of Nutrabaits that there is a need for white alternative pop-up hook baits to match said bait, and while there have been a number of high-attract pop-ups in various flavours and colours it is clear that a highly visual white is a clear winner.

These new white alternative hook baits are great for all manner of scenarios, whether it be single hook bait fishing, fishing over the top or side of a good helping of boilies and along with a PVA bag, be it mesh or solid. As with all of the Nutrabaits pop-up range these are extremely buoyant as well as tough and therefore avoid the attention of nuisance fish or bird life.

RRP: £6.85