Nutrabaits | CO-DE Boilie Range

It’s been some 20 years since Nutrabaits released a full on food type boilie designed for campaign fishing and that’s because the Trigga and BFM have really stood the test of time. They still produce the goods and being a quality bait will continue to do so, but Nutrabaits felt it was finally time to unveil its latest addition. Available on the market at the beginning of March, CO-DE has had an incredible field-testing response right here in the UK and across a wide array of waters throughout Europe, throughout all seasons!

That was the aim of CO-DE, to produce a highly attractive bait that will work year round, while offering a nutritionally rich profile that carp will love. Yet to be released to the mass market, the CO-DE is very much shrouded in secrecy, but here’s what we do know. Although it very much looks like a typical red fishmeal with its deep red colour, it actually contains no fishmeals whatsoever! Instead it contains Nutrabaits proven yellow bird foods blend, nut meals (human food grade), vitamins, minerals, and importantly an active liquid food package, which is loaded with a high levels of amino acid, together with active enzymes and a blend of three flavours.

All of this gives a beautiful sweet aroma and luxurious chocolate orange taste with an extra kick. It is highly nutritional, but moreover, an easily digestible bait, which has a soluble liquid package that carp have found hard to resist. The bait blend contains a complex mix of Amino-Rich liquid foods and yeasts, and natural sugars that have been added in precise amounts with the in-house flavour blends and essential oils that have proven to be a success for Nutrabaits over the years.

As you would expect from a fully encompassing bait range, you will find freezer baits in 12mm, 15mm and 18mm sizes and shelf-life boilies in 15mm and 18mm. Accompanying products include hook baits such as 12mm, 15mm and 18mm pop-ups, 15mm and 18mm Corkie Wafters, and 16mm and 20mm Hard Hookers. There are also matching pellets in 2mm, 4mm and 8mm available as well as Bag & Stick Mix, Bait Soak Spray, Hookbait Complex, Liquid Activator, Base Mix, UTCS Flavour and a Liquid Food CO-DE Liquid Enzyme.

When this bait hits the shelves, we suggest you take a look… and a sniff, because once you do you’ll be a convert!

RRP: From £5.99 to £53.99