Delkim Ev-D Digital Bite Alarm

A brand that needs no introduction after they revolutionised the bite indication game, but what’s more they now have an awesome entry-level model, that not only doesn’t break the bank, but it performs on the bank too! The Ev-D is the new and exciting entry level, non-radio digital bite alarm. Yes, that means you do not have a receiver with this model, but rest assured for anglers fishing day only sessions or are happy to adjust the level to ensure they wake during a night-time take, this could be the most cost effective and function packed alarm there is and it could be yours for less than £50!

Using the smaller, more compact design the Ev-D has been manufactured to the same exacting standards as the flagship Txi-D, with no compromise on quality whatsoever. Designed to be very simple to use, as you would expect from Delkim it does include several exciting features, alongside Delkim’s unique tried and tested vibration sensing technology and patented Digital Signal Processing.

The vibration sensing offered by Delkim is second to none for indicating the most minute of movements in the line, making it perfect for noticing the most subtle of liners and even takes which may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Another great benefit in vibration sensing is the continued indication it offers from a line being held under tension, as is the case when fishing locked up. While a traditional roller wheel would signal no further indication once tightened, the Delkim would continue to sound.

Complete with a Mute function, Day and Night LED modes and no less than 16 Digital tone settings the Ev-D is a fully functional alarm. It also boasts a high quality moulded protective hard case, ensuring its longevity for many seasons to come. Available in all six Delkim signature LED colours, it is also compatible with all Delkim Visual Indication systems, as well as the Safe-D v.2 and D-Lok v.2.

The Ev-D offers reliability, value for money and an entry into the famous Delkim brand with all that goes with it; quality, longevity and second to none after sales service.

Delkim Ev-D Digital Bite Alarm
From £49.99