Cc Moore Tuna L030

I love a bit of liquid bait and L030 (L-zero-thirty) is one of the very best out there.

Most of the top bait companies produce a derivative of this awesome carp attractor and feed. CCMoore has always offered one of the best L030s around and the tuna adds an altogether different dimension.
This thick syrupy concoction is hugely versatile. I pour it into a tub of fishmeal-based hook baits (it works brilliantly with Sticky’s Krill) and leave it to coat every last bait. A shake or two every now and then maintains the process to almost cure the baits in the L030 itself.
casting. Stick mixes also benefit from the inclusion of some of this stuff and, so long as you’re not too cost conscious, you can tip a bottle of it into a wet spod mix to really transform it into something special. (MC)