Bankside Cuisine | Cured Meats Panini

A simple recipe for a quick meal that you can make as you like it.

Serves: One-Four
Difficulty Rating: 1/10
You’ll need: RidgeMonkey Toastie Pan

• 1pkt cured meats and cheese
• 4 foccacia bread rolls (you can use any that you want)

Your favourite additions, such as:
• Rocket
• Sun dried tomatoes
• Olives
• Red onio
• Tomato salsa
• Aioli
• Mayonnaise
• Tapenade
• Watercress
• Chilli

Home Prep: None


1. Slice the foccacia in half and add the bottoms to the toaster.

2. Divide the spanish cured meats and cheese selection between the focaccia First in goes the salami...

3. ... next add a layer of cheese - this Iberico cheese.

4. Finally add the chorizo

5. A few fresh basil leaves give a real genuine Mediterranean taste.

6. Season with garlic powder - I love these little grinders.

7. Finally add the tops of the focaccia bread.

8. Toast on a low heat, turning regularly so as to cook through slowly without buring the outside.

9. It's simply a case of tearing and sharing... great when cooking with friends!