Willow Lake, Old Mill Lakes | Lincolnshire

Description: A 3-acre lake with gulleys, gravel bars and islands. Depths run from five feet to 17 feet. There is a small island on the northeast bank to separate the lake into two bays. General boilie and pellet tactics work well with zig rigs being a great tactic when the pressure is high and the fish are sat in middle layers.

Contact: 07767 363545
Lake record: 35lb
Rules: Only frozen boilies and carp pellets to be brought on to site; no readymades, nuts particles or maggots; use provided unhooking mats; must use rig tubing
Stock: 120 carp, with a good head of twenties, 35 between 25lb and 29lb, and 15 to over 30lb
Tickets: £25 for 24 hours
Website: www.oldmilllakes.com
Satnav: LN8 3YJ