Stunning Shimano Reels

New kit include things of beauty and tackle giant displays its wares.

Tackle giant Shimano are displaying their new range of just-launched reels at the Tackel & Guns show – and they are definitely getting some interest.

Top of the tree is the new Aero Technium XS-B in all it’s shining glory – although fairly pricey at £749.99.

You get what you pay for though, with the reel featuring everything you would expect as the ultimate Shimano carp reel – including X Ship, AR-C spool, and Instant Drag – the main attraction of the reel, other than its looks, is its super slow oscillation.

Taking 100 turns to one rise and fall of the spool, the figures beat the previous best of 88 achieved by Shimano on the previous Technium.

Also destined to be a big hit is the new Baitrunner XT-A LC. Based on the coveted Long Cast baitrunners, another cult reel from the brand, the new reel come in both Big and Medium sizes.

It’s the medium that should go down the best though, offering everything quintessentially baitrunner and a superb-looking package for under £200.