Quick Questions With… Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris

This time Fox angler, film maker and blogger Lee Morris takes his place in front of the QQ camera.

Three words to describe yourself?
An absolute div!

Who have been your biggest influences in carp fishing?
Probably Iain MacMillan.

Scariest moment on the bank?
My boat tipping over at Rainbow.

How long have you been carp fishing?
Pretty much all my life – I’ve been going since I was two.

How did you start carp fishing?
My dad used to take me.

Other sporting interests?
I used to love playing football, then I busted my knee during the footy match at Carp in the Park!

One day left to go fishing, where would you go?
Wraysbury 2

Worst fishing-related injury?
It’s sort of related to fishing as I had a guest session on Redmire that evening. However, I ended up almost losing my arm at work.

Best three anglers you’ve ever worked/fished with?
Scott Day, Laney and Iain MacMillan.

Your favourite moment in your carp angling career?
Catching a carp with my little ’un on W2, a 140-acre lake, on the first day of being there!

Favourite capture?
Thousand Scale from Rainbow.

Three things you’d never go fishing without?
My cremated ferret is my lucky charm… that’s about it!

Any regrets?

Biggest character you have met through fishing?
Dean Watson.

What are your favourite bits about carping?
Every bit of it.

Your least favourite bits?
Having to pack up and go!

Tea or coffee?

Favourite biscuit?
Crunchy Cream.

Favourite take-away?

Funniest moment on the bank?
I got myself a ticket for Burghfield and accidentally fished the wrong lake, and I ended up catching a sought-after fish from that lake!