Quick Questions With… Julian Cundiff

One of carp fishing’s household names, Jules Cundiff is in the hot seat for Total Carp’s quick-fire questions.

Three words to describe yourself?
Balanced, kind, grafter.

Who have been your biggest influences in carp fishing?
Kevin Maddocks, Andy Little, Tim Paisley and Kevin Nash.

Scariest moment on the bank?
Fishing at the Tilery with an ‘extra’ girlfriend. The ‘current’ one arrived and I could see her walking closer and closer… as she came round the trees the visitor hid in the reeds for an hour. That weekend two p*****d off girls gave me the heave-ho!

How long have you been carp fishing?
Caught my first carp by design in 1983 but carp fever struck in 1984.

How did you start carp fishing?
Without doubt the hair rig. I’d been fishing since 1976 and carp were just another species until I read ‘The Carp Strikes Back’, was shown the hair rig and caught that first double. Carp became catchable by design.

Other sporting interests?
I bike ride around 100 miles per week and work out in the gym twice a week at home. I love F1, MotoGP, old-school boxing and UFC, professional cycling and women’s beach volleyball…

One day left to go fishing, where would you go?
Alone and to Savay circa 1983.

Worst fishing-related injury?
Managed to close a Swiss Army penknife with my full bodyweight over my finger while making a hole for my bankstick. I could see the bone too.

Best three anglers you’ve ever worked with?
Andy Little for being the complete carp angler, Brian Skoyles surface fishing and Tim Paisley’s graft on and off the bank.

Your favourite moment in your carp angling career?
A toss-up between catching Decade at 49lb 6oz and being inducted into the Carp Fishing Hall Of Fame in 2010 to join my heroes like Maddocks, Little, Hutchy, Walker, Gibbinson and co.

Favourite capture?
Although Decade was memorable, the first carp I caught by design in 1984 using a hair rig will never be surpassed.

Three things you’d never go fishing without?
Sharpened hooks, foam nuggets and doctored hook baits.

Any regrets?
Being a twat to girls in my younger carp fishing years, 1988 to 1998… then realising money, fame and possessions are just bolt-ons to being happy.

Biggest character you have met through fishing?
Tim Paisley for his huge contribution to carp fishing in my era, 1985 onwards…

What are your favourite bits about carping?
Nothing ever being certain. The ability to do it on my own terms. Carp always having the upper hand. The history of it.

Your least favourite bits?
Me getting older and feeling no connection with some modern day aspects of it. Other than that, because I do it on my own terms I simply don’t get wound up.

Who do you most admire in carp fishing?
Anyone who has lasted, done it on their own terms and contributed to carp fishing. Paisley, Nash, Hearn, Maddocks, Hutchy and the like.

Tell us a secret?
I absolutely hate getting up early at home to go fishing. It is a throwback to doing paper rounds as a kid to earn money for records and fishing tackle and being made to get out of bed at 5am in the rain.

Tea or coffee?
Decaff coffee.

Favourite biscuit?
Anybody’s I can scrounge… bourbons.

Favourite take-away?
Quality Indians from places I’d sit and eat in.

Funniest moment on the bank?
On bailiff duty in the middle of the day seeing a bloke stood with his float rod in one hand and his ‘own’ rod in his other hand!

One fish you would have loved to have caught – past or present?
Jack from Longfield, circa 1980.