Quick Questions With… Chris Currie

This time columnist and fishery expert Chris Currie spills the beans.

Three words to describe yourself?
Fishery management professional.

Who have been your biggest influences in carp fishing?
Terry Hearn, Dave Lane, Simon Bater. On a personal level my old mate Simon Scott.

Scariest moment on the bank?
When a tree fell down in the night just 10 yards from where I was sleeping.

How long have you been carp fishing?
Twenty years.

How did you start carp fishing?
Progression from general coarse fishing.

Other sporting interests?
Shooting, football.

One day left to go fishing, where would you go?
I’d go to Savay, even though I don’t have a ticket.

Worst fishing-related injury?
The classic hook in the finger.

Best three anglers you’ve ever fished with?
John Bird, Jon Holt and Jim Hepper.

Your favourite moment in your carp angling career?
Stalking a lake record leather from a 70-acre pit in a three-hour evening session two rod lengths out.

Favourite capture?
The leather, 44lb 10oz.

Three things you’d never go fishing without?
Navitas clothing and footwear, R3 alarms and Custom hook baits.

Any regrets?
Just missing out on the Black Mirror RIP

Biggest characters you have met through fishing?
Tom Bankes, a special guy who has done a lot to inspire me; the Kent massive Jon Waller; Mark Willcocks and Jon Mac the loveable rogues.

What are your favourite bits about carping?
Mystery of a big pit, special big old carp and the thrill of the chase.

Your least favourite bits?
Angling politics, busy lakes and self-confessed fishery experts.

Who do you most admire in carp fishing?
Adam Penning, Darrell Peck.

Tell us a secret?
Once held £3,000 worth of syndicate tickets… without visiting the venues.

Tea or coffee?
Neither, either ginger drink (Matt loves it) or hazelnut hot chocolate.

Favourite biscuit?

Favourite takeaway?

Funniest moment on the bank?
Blasting around a syndicate in a speedboat after convincing the owner I had lost a rod; really it was a special rig I didn’t want to get out, much to the amusement of the other syndicate members.

One fish you would have loved to have caught – past or present?
The Burghfield Common.