Quick Questions With… Alex Grice

Three words to describe yourself?
Honest, friendly, committed

Who have been biggest influences in carp fishing?
Would have to be my brother, Sam, and my closest friend, Ollie, who introduced me to angling over 15 years ago.

Scariest moment on the bank?
I have had a few to be honest, but it would have to be fishing a park lake in Nottingham when I was 16. I woke up to a lad in my bivvy, trying to steal my carryall. I was scared ****less, which quickly turned to sadness after finding out he’d taken my rods, which I had saved for years to buy!

How long have you been carp fishing?
12 years, but to this day I fish for all species.

How did you start carp fishing?
My close friend and neighbour, Ollie, offered to take me to a local farm pond many years ago. I happily obliged, set the alarm early and made a flask before heading out. I vaguely remember hooking my first carp off the surface while Ollie left me with the rod. All hell broke loose and I have been hooked ever since.

Other sporting interests?
Cycling, mountaineering, climbing, tennis.

One day left to go fishing where would you go?
A quiet stretch of river on a summer’s morning, away from other anglers, watching dawn break. Perfect!

Worst fishing-related injury?
A few winters back I went on a day session with my close friends. An hour after setting up I felt ill and supposedly went ‘green’. I couldn’t walk and was helped back to the car, which also wasn’t well because we had to have help bump starting it. I ended up in A&E being sick, but thankfully it wasn’t appendicitis.

Best three anglers you’ve worked with?
I have worked with many good anglers but I would say, for different reasons, Matt Jackson, Kev Hewitt and Mark Pitchers.

Your favourite moment in your carp angling career?
Would have to be landing my best common with my close friend by my side. It was the middle of the night and after a serious battle, we finally slipped the beast under the light of my headtorch. A proper buzz!

Three things you never go fishing without?
Size 5 Stiff Riggers, Fortis Vista sunglasses and Heli-Safes.

Any regrets?
Hmmm, not fishing a local stretch of canal sooner. It transpired that it contained four canal fish over 30lb within five minutes of my house. Unfortunately, they have been victims of otter predation.

Biggest character you have met through fishing?
Trippy Pete (laughs).

Favourite bits about carp fishing?
Escaping from the rat race of daily life and the connection you have with others anglers. Despite what species you fish for, many anglers are like-minded and happy to chat for hours on end!

What are your least favourite bits about carp fishing?
Negativity and jealousy towards other anglers. Just enjoy it for what it is and do your own thing!

Tell us a secret?
As a kid I used to model for Boots ;).