Our top five videos from 2023

As we start the New Year, we thought we would take the opportunity to look back at all the content we’ve created over the last year and share with you our best moments. 

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Let’s kick things off with a video we made right at the start of the year. Visiting the Crafty Catcher factory to see how their boilies are made was an incredible experience. We never realised how much went into mass producing bait!

Moving on, we have Ian Russell’s Troubleshooter 101 video on zig fishing. A perfect video to watch at this time of year as a zig can often produce a bite in the colder months when all seems tough. This is one of many Troubleshooter 101 videos with Ian. So if you enjoy this one, make sure to watch the rest.

Next up we have a ‘How To’ with Dave Lane. It’s always a pleasure getting out with Dave and seeing his way of doing things. It’s also great to be able to pass on his knowledge to you all.

This video we had great fun making. A comparison video on all the spod and marker rods from Shimano. Matt spent hours casting each rod at different lengths to test feel, accuracy and range. The results were surprising!

The last video we want to give an honourable mention to is a Top Tips with Terry Dempsey. Terry is incredible to be around and it was great to hear how he’s learnt from mistakes he’s made, understanding his thought processes and above all, a bite mid interview was the cherry on top of the cake

So that’s just five out of the 106 videos we’ve uploaded this year at Total Carp. There are so many more incredible videos with plenty more to come.

Thanks for watching and here’s to a happy new year.