Lighting for all occasions from My Fenix!

When on the bank, it's important to have lighting that is effective and enables you to fish effectivly during the hours of darkness. Check out the extensive lighting range from My Fenix.

RRP - £109.95

A powerful headtorch that can do it all! The HM65 R Shadowmaster features a brightness adjustable main beam that ranges from a discreet 50 lumens right through to a Turbo setting, which increases its output to a dazzling 1,200 lumens. Meanwhile a powerful red floodlight function offers four brightness settings from five to 150 lumens, for stealthy operations and where you need to preserve your night-time vision.

Non-dimming power keeps the light performing at a constant level even when the battery is running low and what’s more it runs on a 3500mAh 18650 rechargeable battery, which charges back to full in just three hours. Constructed using a magnesium alloy body for ultra-light weight and excellent heat dissipation, the ShadowMaster is impact resistant to two metres and also boasts an IP68 water submersible rating, meaning simply whatever you can throw at this on the bank, the ShadowMaster will lap it up.

RRP - £67.95

A smaller brother to the ShadowMaster, this handy sized headtorch utilises a quality Cree XP-G3 S4 LED and has four white power settings ranging from 30 to 700 lumens, plus red settings too. The actual torch can be detached from the headband for handheld use, or clipped on to your pocket or belt.

The HM50R utilises a 16340 rechargeable lithium battery that takes just 1.5 hours to fully charge thanks to the USB-C connectivity and can also be used with CR123 batteries too, making it a compact and versatile piece of kit.

PD32 V2.0
RRP - £67.95

While not currently as popular in the current carp market, a proper torch can be an extremely useful piece of kit for a multitude of uses. Whether you’re out lamping for carp, checking line angles after recasting or needing to light up the far bank or island, the powerful OSRAM KW CSLPM1.TG LED delivers a 1200 lumen output in a relatively narrow beam for great illumination.

The torch operates via a large single button on the rear, which can be used to simply turn the torch on/off, or scroll through the three brightness settings (30, 350, 1200 lumens). This compact item utilises the same 18650 rechargeable batteries as many other torches in the range, or alternatively two CR123 sized batteries.

CL26R Multi Beam lantern
RRP - £67.95

This compact lantern is a feature packed and versatile product offering a range of modes and lighting levels, whether it’s delivering an impressive 400 lumen max output right down to a soft night light of just three lumens, which will run for as long as 240 hours. The three modes include down lighting only, front lighting only and full 360 degree area lighting. There are even red light modes too.

The CL26R lantern features a tripod mount, top magnet and hanging hook too allowing the angler to use it in a variety of circumstances. The lantern is IP66 weatherproof and even features an insulated battery compartment to maintain performance in the cold. The supplied Fenix 2600 mAh 18650 battery is rechargeable via the light unit and can even be swapped out with higher capacity cells if required.

E-Lite Multipurpose
RRP - £21.95

A super-compact, multipurpose torch weighing only 18g and measuring 52x23x20mm in size, that can be clipped on to a hat, pocket, luggage or key ring to be used in an emergency. Don’t let its size deceive you, this tiny little torch delivers three different brightness settings up to an impressive 150 lumens, which is plenty for most day to day tasks. There are also multicoloured LEDs built into the top cover and operating switch. The built-in 275mAh battery is charged via USB-C, meaning you needn’t ever be left in the dark!