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Ever fancied having your favourite catch pic immortalised on canvas so you can hang it in pride of place on your living room wall?Thanks to a brand-new website www. carpclick. com you can do exactly that. It’s easy to use and allows you to have any picture of your choice turned into a canvas print, with several size options available.
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The warm weather has slowed the fishing right down on my syndicate water so I’ve been visiting a local day-ticket water for a bit of evening surface fishing. It seems like a lifetime since I last got the mixers out and I’ve loved every minute of it. With soft rods, small reels and light line even the smallest of carp puts up a great fight. I’ve been surprised how good the fishing gets as the evening progresses.
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Total Carp 1 year | with Solar Tackle Pack | £51. 7012 issues of Total Carp and a 24-piece Solar Tackle pack worth over £116 are yours for just £51. 70, click the button below to order now. What's in the pack? 2 x Weed hook links green | 2 x Weed hook links brown | 2 x Weed leaders green | 2 x Weed leaders brown | 1 x Serrated Braid Scissors | 1 x Rig Cone | 1 x Spool of Easy Strip hook link, 20m | 1 x Easy Thread anti-tangle tubing, 5m | 1 x pack Back Stop beads, 20 per pack | 1 x Running rig kits, 5 per pack | 1 x Semi-Fixed Lead-Clip & Tail Rubber kit, 5 per pack | 1 x Quick Change Swivels, 10 per pack | 1 x Anti tangle sleeves, 20 per pack | 2 x Strong Hold Long Shank hooks, size 6 & 8, 10 per pack of each | 2 x Strong Hold X-Wide Gape hooks, size 6 & 7, 10 per pack of each | 1 x Everlasting hook baits 8mm, 15 per pack | 1 x Hair Gauge Tool | 1 x Solar Cap Other UK & Ireland Offers Total Carp 1 year magazine only | 20% Discount | £39.
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Question: I fish with luncheon meat and want to try casting it a bit further. What’s the best way to keep it on the hair because it keeps flying off? Robert Taylor, Stoke-on-Trent Total Carp says: Luncheon meat is a very effective carp bait and an underused one too. I know for a fact that over the last couple of years or so it’s been used by anglers looking to do things a little differently to catch a number of very special fish. But it never seems to get a mention in the press.
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Total Carp's Tackle Awards are back, and it’s your chance to vote on what you think is hot in the world of rods, reel, bivvies, bedchairs and much more. . . It’s a simple tick-box affair and should take you no longer than a couple of minutes to do.
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WIN Ian Russell’s BaitWe’ve got a grands-worth of the awesome 24/7 up for grabs! The debate over freezer baits versus shelf-life versions rages on and many anglers are firmly in one camp or the other. However, there are a huge number of anglers who really don’t mind, provided that the quality of the bait is as good as possible. With its initial and extremely successful Code Red, Sonubaits addressed the needs of these anglers and provided a shelf-life bait, with all the convenience that goes with it, ingredients of the highest quality and low-level preservatives that do not negatively affect the baits themselves. Sonu’s second offering in the boilie market boasts similar attributes but based around a birdfood and soluble protein base, it offers something entirely different to a fishmeal.
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Check out what's in the feature-packed March 2012 issue of Total Carp. . . NEWS AND VIEWS News & StuffCarp SceneReaders’ catch pics win great prizes from Sticky! ON THE BANK Thinking Anglers Pop-ups or bottom baits? Cover star Neil Spooner puts it to the test with fabulous results.
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Update of the popular range, with several items revamped. The Barrow Logic range is designed to hold all of your kit and fit perfectly on to barrows, maintaining balance at all times without overloading. NASHBarrow Logic LuggageRRP: Prices varyContact/website: www. nashtackle.
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Tide Tables here . . . .
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The TC boys get to grips with tackle and bait, testing them to the limit out on the bank. Here’s what they think… WAVERUNNER ATOM BAIT BOATRRP: £499Website: www. waverunnerbaitboats. co.