Carp Spirit fish care

Depending on your style of angling you may chop and change the fish care equipment you carry with you. There are a vast array of options out there for both the short and long session angler, and for various sized specimens. Yet there are factors that should be carefully considered for the very best care of your prized fish. Safety is of course the most crucial, as it is in our interest and others’ to maintain and preserve the condition of all carp. Well-established companies such as Carp Spirit have a wealth of knowledge and experience, so it is well worth having a look into its new line of fish care products.

The first of these is the Blax Sling Mat, an item that boasts a number of benefits for the angler who likes to travel light. In fact, this unhooking mat even doubles up as a weigh sling as the installed carry handles come complete with scale loops. The full length double zips may very well help with ease of returning fish back to the water, but they will also secure the carp when being weighed.

Such is the design of the Blax Sling Mat that it is an effective fish care item to use when stalking and floater fishing. Kit can be kept to a minimum and everything required can be placed inside and zipped up until an opportunity arises – it can even be used for a seat too! A generous padded central section will comfortably accommodate the largest of specimens, and a fold out padded kneeling mat is most welcome when fishing hard ground. The supplied bag is included to trap fishy smells inside rather than fill the air inside your vehicle.

Carp Spirit’s second offering is the Blax Cradle, an item well suited for the session angler. Certainly far heavier in weight in comparison to the Sling Mat, there are a number of elements that absolutely justify the increase. Weight has however, been kept to a minimum through the use of a lightweight yet strong aluminium frame for construction.

When erected, the cradle serves to be a great all-rounder for fishing at home and abroad. By having the carp suspended and secured above ground, some feel there is more control to be had, especially with a lively fish on the bank. A retention overflap with Velcro is great for calming your catch down prior to having its photo taken, and the full perimeter padding provides sufficient protection.

Further stability of the cradle is provided via the large rotary mudfeet, and rubber mesh drainage and a PVC lining enables quick drying and cleaning at the end of a successful session. Transportation is a piece of cake too as the entire unit folds flat or alternatively the Velcro carry handles help to easily manoeuvre the cradle around the swim.

As the name suggests, the Ultra Protection Mat is the ideal unhooking mat for the most mindful. An extremely high density foam base will protect the largest of fish in any given environment. The padded walls are rigid yet serve their purpose exceptionally well by preventing fish from sliding out on to the surrounding substrate. A spacious outer pocket is the perfect place to store any forceps and carp care formulas to treat the mouth or body of the carp and will always be on hand should the need arise. Just like the Blax Cradle, this iteration also makes superb use of water drainage, wipe clean PVC and retaining over flap. With large durable carry handles, you can also carry your catch back to the water in safety and zip down either end of the unhooking mat for a smooth release. Despite its size, the Ultra Protection Mat has been cleverly designed to fold away and pack into its respective carry bag. This is the most expensive of the three systems, but arguably the best!

Carp Spirit Fish Care Products
Blax Sling Mat £39.99
Blax Cradle £69.99
Ultra Protection Mat £99.99