Bentley Fishery, Brentwood, Essex

A 3½-acre, 40-year-old lake with depths averaging five feet. It’s a session water with challenging fishing, so more suited to experienced anglers.

It only allows a maximum of five anglers at a time and with eight pegs available you’ll always have plenty of water to go at. What’s more, they are all well featured and produce fish regularly. All the fish are handpicked, proper English carp and they respond well to boilie and bait-boat tactics. A particular favourite of the carp is the fishery’s own bait, which catches consistently all year round

Contact: 07939 074089
Lake record: 29lb
Rules: Over 18s only, maximum of five anglers at a time – book before arrival
Stock: 70 carp with plenty of twenties
Tickets: £25 for 24 hours