BANKSIDE CUISINE | Maple-Bacon Pancakes

When it comes to food, there’s a strange combination that the Americans definitely got right. Just like peanut butter and jelly, the combination of maple syrup, pancakes and BACON, sounds so wrong, but tastes SOOOOO right! The great thing is that it’s a piece of cake to cook up on the bank too! You can make the Scotch pancake batter yourself, buy a ready kit or even just get the ready formed ones like we did to make life even easier!

Serves: One 1
Difficulty Rating: 2/10
You'll need: RidgeMonkey Deep Toastie Maker

• Pancakes (readymade or batter mix)
• Streaky bacon
• Maple syrup
• Any other toppings you desire!

Home prep: You can make your own pancake batter at home, and it will be fine to use if kept cool for about two days. Pop it in a shaker bottle and just give it a good shake before you use it.


1. The ingredients you'll need...

2. First, split your Toastie maker...

3. ... and fry off some streaky-bacon.

4. Once cooked,-set aside.

5. Now heat the pancakes through in the Ridgemonkey.

6. Once warmed through, stack the bacon on top of the pancaked.

7. ... drizzle with maple-syrup and add any other toppings you've brought along!