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New alarms from JRC go viral with online video featuring world's first talking alarm?. . . JRC has launched a new viral video campaign for the launch of its new Radar DSI alarms.
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Huge specimen tipped to be next British record breaks 60lb barrier for first time. The biggest carp of the year has been landed at a weight of 60lb 4oz. The fish, known as The Parrot, was caught from the famous Wasing Syndicate, Berkshire, by Reading angler Chris Robson. Widely tipped as the fish to become the next British record, this is the first time the carp has broken the 60lb barrier, with the 42-year-old catching the monster specimen right at the end of an over night session on the syndicate’s 20-acre water.
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EA and Angling Trust joint venture to boost bailiff levels due to start early next year. A new scheme that will see volunteer bailiffs used to combat fish theft is set to be launched next year, Total Carp can reveal. Due to be piloted in the South East of the country next spring, the initiative is a joint project between the Environment Agency and the sport’s governing body, the Angling Trust. Using volunteers to run a ‘neighbourhood watch’ style campaign against illegal anglers, officials hope to free up the time and resources of official EA bailiffs to tackle more serious issues facing the sport.
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Linear overnighter delivers 36pounder for TC's Marc Coulson. Our very own editor Marc Coulson got among the fish on an overnight trip to Linear Fisheries’ Oxlease Lake this week, with the capture of this chunky 36lb 3oz mirror. Marc, visiting the 26-acre lake with a few of the lads from the Total Carp office, fished with solid PVA bags filled with his own pellet and groundbait bag mix, and with plastic imitation corn hook baits to snare this and a much smaller mirror which he did not weigh. Using braided main line in order to get the required distance into the stiff wind, Marc said the bite was an absolute ripper: By the time he got to his rod the angry carp has kited to his right and managed to pick up all three of Ben Harrison’s lines in the swim next door, given that it was 2.
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New unhooking mat from Gardner comes with all the trimmings. At this year’s Tackle & Guns Show, as usual top brand Gardner Tackle had some great kit on show. The biggest addition to the firm’s range though, is a brand new unhooking mat – the Pro-Mat. Created in response to the ever-growing size of carp both in the UK and abroad, the new mat delivers a huge unhooking area of 114cm by 78cm.
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Some slick additions to the Fox range on display for the first time at T&G Show. Fresh on the Fox stand at this year’s Tackle & Guns Show is a list of new goodies. Flat-liner bed chairNew from Fox is the extremely comfy Flatliner bedchair. Featuring a number of clever touches, the Flatliner offers huge comfort a huge sleeping space for a bedchair that weighs just 12.
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Frank Warwick reveals new range of proven US carp catcher baits for the UK. ‘This bait has been taking venues apart’. The claim of well known carpers Frank Warwick and Jason Caan, the two names behind Pack Baits due to hit the UK next year and revealed at the Tackle & Guns show 2011. Based on 40 years of carping in the states, Pack Baits have been responsible for some mega catches of fish on the other side of the Atlantic and is used to great affect in the west coast’s carp match scene.
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New kit include things of beauty and tackle giant displays its wares. Tackle giant Shimano are displaying their new range of just-launched reels at the Tackel & Guns show – and they are definitely getting some interest. Top of the tree is the new Aero Technium XS-B in all it’s shining glory – although fairly pricey at £749. 99.
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New Nanofil from Berkley isn't a braid and it isn't a mono - but it is set to take the UK by storm. A revolution in fishing line has been launched at this year’s Tackle & Guns show, in the form of Nanofil from Berkley. Half way between a braid and a mono line, Nanofil uses a special technique where hundreds of nano filaments (hence the name) of gel spun polyethylene are bonded together to deliver high breaking strains at unbelievably low diameters. For example a 25lb break strain length of Nanofil measures just 0.
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One of the biggest carp of the season banked from Kent venue open to all. One of the biggest carp in the country, and one of the largest caught this season, has been banked on a day-ticket water in Kent. The fish - a giant of 58lb 12oz - was caught by angler Daniel West during a 48-hour session at Kent’s Elphicks Fisheries. Known fondly as The Big Girl, the specimen fell for the 19-year-old Student’s boilie based approach which some him target a clean patch of ground between two island at 40 yards range on the venue’s North Lake.