Get your carpy fix without stepping outside

If you’re unable to get to the shops right now then fear not; you can get the latest issue of Total Carp delivered directly to the mobile, tablet or computer of your choice at

Usually £3.99, we’ve reduced the April issue to half-price so that everyone can get their carp fishing fix for as little as possible. That’s Dave Levy, Alan Blair, Julian Cundiff, Ian Russell, Ian Chillcott, Adam Penning, Oz Holness, Luke Vallory, Elliott Gray, Terry Edmonds, James Armstrong, Alan Atkinson, Jim Wilson, James Hutton, Darren Belton and a lot, lot more for just £1.99!

If you prefer the physical copy, we are still taking orders at the usual price. As always there are no postage costs to pay but please be a little patient while the Royal Mail work their way through everything on an undoubtedly reduced workforce.

Stay safe, sit back and enjoy Total Carp from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

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* Please note the free 32-page TA | Insights Rig & Tactics Guidebook is only available inside the printed magazine.