The February issue of Total Carp is now on sale!

Headlining the issue is Scott Lloyd, one of the carp scene’s biggest characters and a serious force when it comes to catching big carp. In this issue he talks zig fishing, a tactic that you should be thinking about over the next few months. As the winter transitions into spring, fishing up in the water can be deadly… and sometimes the only way of catching them. We’ve also got more great tactical insights from the likes Matt Eaton, who runs through his in-depth thought process when it comes to rigs and more importantly whether to fish popped-up or on the deck. Luke Vallory also takes a brief interlude from his day ticket Quest (while most lakes are frozen or flooded) to run through his nine top tips for success on day-ticket waters in the colder months.

If you enjoy reading the live session style content, then we’ve got plenty of that too, despite the conditions we’ve faced. Tom Stokes took on the 48-Hour Challenge, heading to Berners Hall Fishery for the first time in truly baltic conditions. We also got out for a productive day session with Terry Dempsey down in Dartford. All of this, plus the regular contributors and a bumper gear section, makes for another brilliant magazine.

So, whether you’re looking to get out during these colder months or simply want to keep those embers burning, we hope you enjoy the February issue of Total Carp!


“Zigging… I love it!” While many big carp anglers out there shy away from this potentially puzzling tactic, Scott Lloyd has been one to wholeheartedly take it on, making it a valuable part of his angling arsenal. In this issue, he offers his best advice on the tactic!

In a brief interlude from his Quest features, Luke Vallory discusses nine important aspects of his winter angling that can make a big difference to your fishing on day-ticket lakes when setting out to catch big carp.

Matt Eaton delves deep into the topic of rigs and more specifically the decision of whether to fish a pop-up or straight on the lake bed. While many out there might dismiss this as a subject of preference, Matt’s technical ideas are certainly thought provoking.

TC editor Matt Townend reflects on a recent trip to Linear Fisheries’ Oxlease, which ended 2023 on a high. A perfect alignment of great timing, mild weather and the right tactics led to a winter session to remember for him and colleague Joe.

We head to Berners Hall Fishery in the coldest depths of winter to see how Tom Stokes fares on a venue he’s never even seen before… with huge numbers of 40lb carp to play for, it’s safe to say that the stakes are high!