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Urban Baits Monthly Round Up - March 2018

This month the Urban Bait team have put together the following Spring themed videos to help you start to put the brutal 'Beast from the East' weather conditions behind you. Hopefully these tips and stories from Terry and the team will inspire you to head to the lake these coming weekends.

Video 1: First up Terry Dempsey retells the story of catching the biggest common he'd ever seen. Called "Land of the Giants - The Silent Pond (part 1)", it's a heart warming story of why, even when all seems to be heading south, just staying the course can sometimes land you giant carp in the most unexpected of circumstances.

Video 2: Next up Terry Dempsey completes his story of catching giant commons. Called "Land of the Giants - The Silent Pond (part 2)", it's well worth a watch.

Video 3: In this Q&A video with Terry Dempsey, he provides you with his top 5 spring carp fishing tips. Including fishing in shallow water, on bars and plateau's, thanks to the Spring weeds, and using bright pop ups. Check out the full video for the top 5 plus the reasons behind each edge.

Video 4: In this next Q&A video with Terry Dempsey, he walks you through his preferred Spring baiting approach. Including baiting and then leaving overnight, fishing with a boilie base mix and why playing around with your baiting amounts and spots is so key. Check out the full video here.

Video 5: In this final Q&A video with Terry Dempsey for the month of March, he explains his thoughts on Moon phases and how they impact carp fishing. It's an issue that many people ask him about and, having compared notes with many top anglers over the years, in this video he shares the patterns he and his peers have witnessed over the years.

Look out for next months round up towards the end of April 2018. Tight lines!


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