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A 2½-acre lake with an abundance of natural foliage. It has varying depths with a shallow end averaging four feet and a deeper end of around 12 feet.

 The most productive features are the steep-shelved margins, the island, and a prominent gravel bar that runs nearly the entire length of the lake. There are 16 pegs with a maximum of 10 anglers allowed on at a time. There are also three secure car parks, hot food and drinks available, plus a shower on site

Contact: 01473 652120
Stock: Approximately 250 carp with over 30 twenties and four fish over 30lb
Lake record: 31lb 12oz
Rules: Maximum two rods, barbless hooks only
Tickets: Day £12; 24 hours £20
Website: www.carpuk.co.uk
Disabled access: There are seven swims with disabled access

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