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Monday, 06 June 2016 15:32

SUMMER bookings are now being taken for Kevin Nash’s exclusive Copse and Church Lakes at www.nashlakes.com

After smashing 14 personal bests during their opening weeks with carp to a giant 51 lb 7 oz, the Church and Copse are now re-opening to all. Why head abroad when the session of a lifetime or a new personal best could be so much closer to home?

Church Lake £500 per angler (Monday to Friday) or £3,000 to exclusively book for up to six anglers.

Copse Lake £750 per angler (Monday to Friday) or £2,250 to exclusively book for up to three anglers.

With an estimated ten 50-pounders, over 20 different 40s and both lakes having produced carp to over 60 lb it is a not to be missed opportunity for anyone to experience fisheries painstakingly developed over 20 years to be unrivalled UK big carp venues.

“It was always our intention to open the lakes to anyone wanting to fish for huge carp without the hassle, time and travel of going abroad,” said Kevin Nash. “These waters have smashed more personal bests for big name carpers than any other venue.

“Those lucky enough to experience the opening weeks have had never to be repeated experiences and truly memorable captures, and now those same special fish are available to anyone.”

Advance bookings can be made online now at www.nashlakes.com with both Copse and Church Lakes re-opening for anglers on Monday, July 4th.

Church Lake has eight swims, a maximum of six can be booked at any one time

Copse Lake has six swims, a maximum of three can be booked at any one time 

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