Tuesday, 11 April 2017 11:27
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Solar Tackle's Peter Zyla kicked off his spring season with this 46lb 9oz common!

Solar Tackle fieldtester Peter Zyla has kicked off his spring season in style with this awesome 46lb 9oz common.

Peter explains: "Outside the lovely, spring sunshine is shining, but this early in the season the water temperatures are still low. My target water is a shallow pit and so the weather affects the carp very quickly. Although the sun was shining, the temperatures were quite low for a few days, followed by a cold, easterly wind.

"Once the cold wind had died off though, I put my plan into action.

With the sun warming a particular, sheltered area of the lake in the morning, I headed to the lake in the early hours to be in prime position for dawn. The water here is a little deeper, and I presented Solar’s 14mm TunaMino test boilies and a Pink & White Top Banana pop-up over the top.

"In the early morning in the first rays of sunshine I got my first bite of the year. As soon as I picked up the rod I knew it was a decent fish. As the fish neared the margins, in the clear water, I saw the golden scales of a big common. As the fish slid into the net I was thrilled, as I knew I’d got my season off to a great start.

On the scales the fish went 46lb 9oz."

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