Thursday, 08 September 2016 14:43
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First Night On A Low-Stock Pit

First Night On A Low Stock Pit... I Wasn't Expecting This!

On his first trip to a new, low-stock water, team member Ignace de Roeck has proved the effectiveness of the new TunaMino baits once again, with three carp to 33lb+ in just 24 hours. Ignace explains:

“Last week I had another incredible trip. I have a permit to fish a new syndicate water this year, a 10-hectare lake. Due to a disaster earlier in the year the venue has lost a lot of its stock,

 but there are still 50 carp in there, some of which are well worth catching!

P9020279 2

“I only had 24 hours to fish the lake, so I got to the water for a few hours in the days before the trip with a marker rod to find some spots and pre-bait them with TunaMino boilies.

“With the low stock and this being my first night on the new lake, it was going to be a tough task. Incredibly, over the 24-hour session I had 4 takes and landed 3 fish. Mirrors of 27lb 3oz and

 33lb 5oz and a stunning fully scaled weighing 29lb 7oz.

“Incredibly, brothers Bart and Koen Machielsen fished the same 24 hours with me, again using TunaMino baits that I had given to them, and they both cought too.

“I can’t wait to get back there and have another go!”


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